Creator Handbook


After the campaign

If your project is successfully funded, Mystartr applies a 10% fee (including credit card processing fees about 3-5%) to the total funds raised.

  1. Announce your finished work
    • If your project is successfully funded, share project’s progress, news, links of your finished work via all communication channels
    • You will receive pledge report from Mystartr. You can use it to collect your backers’ mailing addresses and contacts to fulfil their rewards
    • You will receive a statement. 
  2. Deliver the rewards to supporters as you complete this process
    • Do everything you can to deliver the rewards you have promised on time. People have been good enough to support you, so make sure you come through. You’ll damage relationships otherwise.
    • If something unexpected happens and you are unable to deliver the Rewards on time or as promised, be open and make sure you communicate it to your supporters. 
  3. Stay connected
    • You get the contact details of your supporters so use these to keep them engaged beyond your crowdfunding campaign. Keep them updated and keep your community strong.
    • If you are not for profit, you should look at ways to identify on-going financial supporters. They have shown an inclination to support your project financially, so there is every chance many will give more if you can build their connection to the project.
    • When you’ve completed your original goal and fulfilled your project’s rewards, post a celebratory update and give yourself a pat on the back! If your project develops or you start on new ones, keep up with your backers and share your stories as they unfold.